• Specializing in the Treatment of
    Low Back Pain and Sciatica

Making an Appointment
Call 201-445-1079

Our goal for all new patients is to see them as soon as possible, usually no more than one week from the time of your call. If your appointment seems too long to wait considering your pain, let the front desk know that you need to be seen sooner.

Our font desk will ask you some basic questions pertaining to your condition and some additional insurance questions. Be sure to have your insurance information ready so we can verify coverage and review it with you either by phone or on your first visit.

We encourage all new patients to bring in any reports pertaining to your condition and a list of all medications you are presently taking. If you have had an MRI and have copy of a CD, please bring that with you. Also, if you have a script from a referring doctor, please inform our front desk staff.