• Specializing in the Treatment of
    Low Back Pain and Sciatica

Same Day Relief Care
Call 201-445-1079

When calling be sure to inform our front desk you are in need of Same Day Relief Care. Same Day Relief Care is designed for patients needing to be seen ASAP, which in most cases will be the same day you’re calling, and to leave after your first visit feeling better than when you walk in. Although we can not guarantee results, 80 percent of patients who come in for Same Day Relief Care leave feel significantly better.

In certain cases, having your insurance verified to determine your out of pocket cost cannot be done prior to your Same Day Relief care visit, therefore we cap the cost of this visit not to be more than $95 dollars out of pocket.

Please note: The Back Pain Center will not give any presciption for any medications to relieve your pain. If this is what you fell you need, we recommended you call a pain management office or go to an emergency room.