• Specializing in the Treatment of
    Low Back Pain and Sciatica

Dr. Alfred Gigante

Dr. Alfred Gigante

Chiropractic Physician

In 1976, Dr. Alfred Gigante graduated from Columbia Chiropractic, located in NYC. Upon graduation, Dr. Gigante was invited to practice in Los Angeles, California at a chiropractic research center called The Westside Chiropractic. There he had the privilege of working with Dr. Major Dejarnette, chiropractor & founder of Sacro occipital technique and cranial sacral techniques.

At the age of 27, after his one year internship, Dr Gigante returned to the tristate area and began practicing with Dr. Jay Gilden, a chiropractor in Waldwick, New Jersey. Due to personal issues in Dr. Gilden’s life, he asked Dr. Gigante to take over his modest chiropractor practice.

In 1979 Dr. Gigante began his journey which would later lead to the founding of The Back Pain Center. In 1990 Dr. Gigante moved his practice to it’s present location and founded The Back Pain Center.

Today, The Back Pain Center is a multidisciplinary center consisting of chiropractic, physical therapy and pain management doctors. The Back Pain Center was the first multi-profession center to specialize in the treatment of low back pain

Dr. Gigante’s philosophy is simple—get patients out of pain as quickly as possible.

Dr. Gigante has been married to his beautiful wife Jean since 1982 and has 4 wonderful children, Alfred, Michael, Daniel and Jeanmarie.